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Around Pennsylvania

Our Town »

Discover the people and places of central Pennsylvania through the lenses of local residents.

Grange Fair: An American Tradition »

Experience one of America's oldest and most famous county fairs through the eyes of key organizers and attendees! A unique Pennsylvania cultural phenomenon, the Centre County Grange Fair is widely regarded as the last remaining encampment fair in the United States.

Pennsylvania Parade Series »

PJ O'Connell chronicled the stories of regular people, small-town communities and local institutions in rural Pennsylvania.

Penn State Pride

Why We Dance: The Story of Thon »

Why We Dance: The Story of THON is a documentary project that chronicles the student-run philanthropy, THON, and the children, families, and students who are changed by their experience.

Making the Blue Band »

Follow eight incoming freshmen as they pursue their dreams of making the Penn State Blue Band in this one-hour documentary.

Public Service Media

Water Blues Green Solutions »

Water Blues Green Solutions tells stories from across the country of communities that are adopting new ways of thinking about how to protect, restore, and preserve our rivers and sources of drinking water. Learn more.

Geospatial Revolution »

The Geospatial Revolution Project is a public media examination of the world of digital mapping and how it is changing the way we think, behave, and interact. Learn more.

Liquid Assets »

This ninety-minute documentary tells the story of essential, but aging, water infrastructure systems: water, wastewater, and stormwater. Learn more.

Telling Amy's Story »

A documentary for raising domestic violence awareness... including a conversation with Mariska Hargitay and Sheryl Cates and a local discussion on the topic. Learn more.

Children and Autism: Time is Brain »

This documentary features two families faced with the daunting challenge of raising a child with autism.